For Families
We specialize in at home skilled nursing services and patient advocacy, see complete list below. We also can perform an assessments on wellness and proper safety conditions for patients in their home. If the home is need safety updates we can install grab bars, and take out any possible hazards in the home. We also have a 24-7 on-call nurse on duty to contact with immediate concerns.

For Facilities
Roadrunner Healthcare can provide the same services for our at-home patients as we can with our patients who are in independent facilities. We also do assessments on wellness and proper safety conditions for patients in a facility. We have an on-call nurse available to ask questions or consultation with 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Let us step in and provide the extra care your patients need.

RRHC Nurse with patient

Skilled Nursing at Home

Medication Management: 
Fill pill boxes, call-in refills, pick-up medications, set reminders.
Contact physician's office for medication interactions.

Vital Checks:
Blood pressure, heart rate, pulse & oxygen.

Home Blood & Urine Draws:
INR Tests, insulin draws, and deliver to labs.

Caregiving Services:
Offering flexible scheduling for at-home care for ADL's, meals, companionship.

Patient Advocacy

Case Management:
Assessments of patient's home and safety.
Create plan of care based on 90 days and evaluate.
Communicates with physician on plan of care.

Navigating Healthcare System:
Find Primary Care Physician/ Specialists, evaluate plan of care & next steps.

RX Consultation:
Discuss medication interactions with doctor

Attend Doctor Appointments:
For education and plan of care.

Sign-up for Medicare, research other options.
Bill long term care insurance companies.

nurse & patient

Need our help?

Nurse hotline available 24-7 to answer questions or concerns.